Latin Inscription of Pantheon in Rome.

FJCL State Forum Information

FJCL State Forum is a three day event, held in the spring, at which FJCL members come together from across the state to compete in academics, the arts, and athletics as well as take part in engaging social activities. Check out some regular contests and events below! For more information, visit Please note that all the information and files (that are at the bottom of the page in the downloads section) on this page have come from the site listed above. We are not trying to steal any credit from FJCL.

The 70th annual FJCL State Convention (2019) is hosted by Wyndham Orlando Resort and Convention Center from Thursday, April 4 to Saturday, April 6.

Note that FJCL has yet to post all the registration documents, but it will roll out sometime during this month (January). When they are released, we will put them on this page.


The costume characters for the 2019 Regional, State, and Latin Fora are:

Boys: Lucius Tarquinius Superbus or Janus (One Contestant)

Girls: Tullia Minor (One Contestant)

Couples: Numa Pompilius and Egeria or Janus (Two Contestants)

Downloads (courtesy of FJCL):

Registration Documents:

2019 State Registration Instructions (START HERE)

2019 State Rules and Information

2019 State Delegate Form

2019 State Hotel Registration Form

2019 State Additional Delegates

2019 State Ludi and Election Registration

2019 State Academic and Sweepstakes Information

N.B. Below are the rules for each creative contest at State Latin Forum. While most regions keep their rules similar, please note that certain Regional Latin Fora may not conduct every category that State Forum does. It's best to check with your Regional rules before proceeding with your project.

2019 Dramatic Interpretations

Rules for Costumes

Rules for Declamations

Rules for Dramatic Interpretations

Rules for Orations

General Rules for All Projects

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>>>>Computer Programs Rules

>>>>Drawings Rules

>>>>Games Rules

>>>>Illustrated Notebooks Rules

>>>>Maps Rules

>>>>Miscellaneous Rules

>>>>Models Rules

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>>>>2D Non-Graphic Art Rules

Project Description Card

Digital Scrapbooks

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