Latin Inscription of Pantheon in Rome.

CAJCL State Convention Information

CAJCL State Convention is a two day event, held in the spring, at which CAJCL members come together from across the state to compete in academics, the arts, and athletics as well as take part in engaging social activities. Check out some regular contests and events below! For more information, visit or in the blue/white books in the downloads section below. Please note that all the information and files (that are at the bottom of the page in the downloads section) on this page have come from the site listed above. We are not trying to steal any credit from CAJCL.

The 2019 CAJCL State Convention is hosted by Miramonte High School from Friday, March 29 to Saturday, March 30.

The 2019 state convention theme is:
apes non sunt solitaria natura - Varro, De Agri Cultura 3.16
"Bees are not of a solitary nature."

CAJCL Members can participate in the following events:

Academic Contests:

Ancient Geography, Classical Art, Grammar, Latin Derivatives, Latin Literature, Mottoes, Abbreviations and Quotations, Mythology, Reading Comprehension, Roman History, Roman Life, and Vocabulary


Open Certamen and Competitive Certamen
(Certamen is a game of fast recall of facts about classical civilizations and its peoples, languages, and cultures. The matches are supposed to be fun, competitive, and informative.)

Creative Arts Contests:

Dramatic Interpretation, Latin Oratory, English Oratory, Sight Latin Reading, Costume Contest, Slogan, Modern Myth, Essay

Graphic Arts Contests:

Art, Handicrafts, Posters, Charts, Maps, Illustrated Notebooks, Cartoons, Greeting Cards, Photography

Olympika Events:

Track, Basketball, Volleyball, Field, Ultimate Frisbee, and Soccer

N.B. Contests vary from year-to-year. See Convention Registration forms for more details.

Downloads (courtesy of CAJCL):

Medical Information Form

2019 Convention Blue Book

Cover Letter

White Book

CAJCL Waiver

Hotel List

Activity Sheet