Latin Inscription of Pantheon in Rome.

About Us

After our experiences with studying for conventions, we wanted all the resources for tests and competitions in one place. This is what we've done to make that happen.

Contact us with bugs, suggestions, or comments, and we'll reply within 12 hours.


Rupert 6/17: First ideas from (no longer active but we have the partial website linked, credit to Arohee and Jason)
Rupert 5/18: Released as
Rupert 6/18: Contribute tab added
Rupert 9/18: Blog started, email list created, moved to
Kabir 12/18: Updated for two developers, crushed some bugs, added videos section, improved some site aesthetics, created the dictionary, added to the internet archive/wayback machine
Kabir 1/19: Added information about CAJCL state convention and FJCL state forum, 404 page not found and 403 forbidden error pages created